Comprehensive Tax Services is excited to be able to partner with 104.9 The River, Columbus’ premier contemporary Christian music radio station. In 2011, that partnership included forwarding 100% of the fees collected from any new client who mentioned this partnership – either as a result of The River’s on-air advertising or website.

So, what happened?

God blessed Comprehensive Tax Services with 100 new clients, of which 84 mentioned this partnership. As promised in the on-air advertisement, all of the fees those people paid Comprehensive Tax Services were forwarded directly to The River. It also gave us a dynamic opportunity to share our hearts and passions for giving. If you aren’t already a River supporter, we would encourage you to prayerfully consider planting seed in this wonderful ministry.

If you missed the on-air ad, here's what The River's Todd Stach had to say about his experience:

"My wife and I felt very comfortable at his private home-office setting. The process took about an hour, and Arnold's thoughtful questions helped trigger deductions we would have never known about. Last year we used a computer-based tax program. Arnold looked back, and one minor error we made turned into more refund money for us! He also gave us tax strategy ideas for buying a home and proper witholdings from my paycheck. Arnold is also just a phone call away any time during the year. He's an Enrolled Agent and very passionate about finding you money."

Comprehensive Tax Services was able to repeat that partnership in 2016, and we were amazed that another 92 clients took advantage of the opportunity to get their taxes professionally done while blessing The River in a substantial way. Once again, 100% of the fees found their way into The River's hands!